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How to Clean the Filter on Your Air Conditioner


Before cleaning your cooling system filter, check to form certain that you simply have a filter that’s meant to be cleansed and reused instead of one that’s meant to be disposed of and replaced. Flip your cooling system off and take away the filter. Use a vacuum fitted with a cleaning extension to suck the dirt and grit from the filter. If it is exceptionally gross, hose it down or bathe it gently in heat water.

Determine if you can clean your filter

Some air conditioners have filters which will be cleansed. however alternative varieties of air conditioners have filters that square measure meant to be disposed of when a given quantity of your time. Consult your air conditioner’s handbook to work out whether or not improvement your air conditioner’s filter is Associate in Nursing choice.

Turn the air conditioner off

You should not clean your air conditioning’s filter with the air conditioner on. This can cause a rush of unfiltered air into your residence and cause your air conditioner’s evaporator coils and different internal components to gather dirt and particulate.

Always remember, do not use your air conditioner until you have replaced the filter in your air conditioner.

Use a vacuum cleaner for routine cleaning

Just pop the filter or undo it and use the tube extension on your vacuum to suck all the grit and mud out of the filter. Replace the filter once you’ve finished improvement it.

  • If you’ve taken excellent careof your air conditioner’s filter, you may not see an evident modification within the filter once improvement Rest assured, it’s obtaining clean.
  • On the oppositehand, you may not be able to get all the mud and grit out of the filter. simply use the vacuum to suck up the maximum amount as you’ll.
  • This techniqueis best for giving your filter its regular improvement.