How to calculate the capacity of AC, power consumption & coverage


How did the air conditioning or AC tonnage system come about? Ton is usually a unit of mass, but in the case of AC, mass has nothing to do with tone. In this case, the ton indicates the performance of ac.

What does 1 ton mean?
When we call something cold, it means that there is a heat or heat crisis. That is, if something is to be cooled, the heat must be removed. Earlier, people used large ice blocks to cool the surrounding air.

Therefore, people saw that a block of one ton of ice needed 288,000 BTU (British thermal unit, it’s a unit of heat) to heat. Later, a 24-hour timeframe was set to give it a more ideal look. That is, 12000 BTUs per hour (288000/24).

To put it simply, having a ton of AC in a room means 12000 BTU or 1 kilocalorie or 4120 kcal of heat is taken out of the room every hour. Having two tonnes of AC means 24,000 BTU of heat per hour.

So, one ton of ice will cool the temperature of a room an hour, the same as one ton of performance. One ton of AC is therefore not from the weight of the AC, but rather from the previous one ton of ice cooling.

Now we will know about the use of AC power as 1 ton
If you know how many watts of electricity your AC takes, you can easily calculate the electricity bill.
Energy and cost saving for 1.5 tons windows or split acs
Electricity calculation of 1.5 ton AC

Now we will about AC coverage
Many times AC is wasted due to variations in room coverage. For example, 1 ton of AC covers a maximum of 120 square feet. If you are using 1 ton AC in a larger room than this, you will need to call AC SERVICE BD all over your AC soon.
Ac-coverage with ton

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