How to clean your air conditioner


Lifting the lid on your air conditioner

It’s important to wash your air conditioning to take care of smart air quality in your home. Filters within air conditioners area unit designed to catch dirt and microbes, however, if not cleaned frequently they’ll occlude and collect wet and even mold. that is not smart for you or for your air conditioning.

Regularly cleaning your air conditioning also will mean higher energy potency and lower running prices.

The following recommendation relies on split-system air conditioners (the most typical kind in Bangladesh homes) however it generally applies to ducted and wall-window models too.

  • Check the instructions
  • Cleaning indoor and outdoor components
  • Regular servicing
  • Air conditioner cleaning cheat-sheet

Check the instructions
Your air conditioning ought to have keep company with AN handbook that details a way to access and clean the air filters and the other user-maintainable elements. If you do not have the book to any extent further, you will be ready to transfer a duplicate from the manufacturer’s web site.

Make sure the unit is turned off at the wall before you are doing any maintenance on that.

How to clean your air conditioning filters
The indoor air conditioning unit has air filters that require regular improvement. The additional clogged the filter, the more durable the air conditioning should work to push air through it. which will mean higher running prices.

It’s usually an easy matter of pop open the plastic cowl and removing the filter (there could also be over one).

Manufacturers sometimes advocate that you just clean the filters every few weeks, however, it very depends however typically you utilize the air conditioning. Simply put, the additional you utilize it, the additional typically you ought to clean the filters. At the smallest amount, aim to scrub them some of the times a year. as an example, if you primarily use the unit in summer, clean the filters in spring thus it’s prepared for the height season, and once more once the recent season is over.

There are sometimes one or 2 main filters within the indoor unit. There may also be AN air purification filter (such as a HEPA or carbon filter) can|that may} be removed and cleaned; this sort of filter will eventually get replaced, maybe per annum or 2.

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